Simms Technologies

SOLAR ON/OFF – GRID SYSTEM/Water Pumping System/Water Heating System/Street Lights.


Simms Technologies-Tirunelveli,Tenkasi,Thoothukudi-A Solar Photovoltaic (pv) Power system that is connected to the power grid (EB Line) without batteries.Photovoltaic (pv) Modules, Which are connected to an inverter.
The inverter, which coverts the system’s direct current (DC) electricity to alternative current (AC).
AC electricity is compatible with the power grid. It powers our lights, appliances, computers, etc.
Surplus electricity is fed back into the power grid, So you credit for later use.
Net metering saves you more money.
Does not require a battery bank, your power grid is a virtual battery.
Effective utilization of generated power as there are no storage losses.
No recurring costs and negligible maintenance.
Most cost effective system to install.